What is eyebrow lamination?

what is brow lamination

Your guide to eyebrow lamination

Eyebrow lamination straightens the hair from the roots to the tips, which as a result allows for the brows to be kept in a desired shape. It’s perfect for those who have hairs that grow in an irregular direction, have gaps or simply want a fuller brushed-up look. Sydney eyebrow lamination specialist, Montana, discusses the procedure.

A brow lamination treatment creates naturally voluminous brows which can last up to two months with proper care. On average, Montana’s client’s brows last 5-6 weeks.

what is eyebrow lamination

The brow lamination process

Brow lamination involves a three-step process that includes two different keratin solutions (similar to a lash lift) and one nourishment treatment to ensure the brows remain hydrated.

​At Parlour Dala, Montana uses professional-grade, dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested products during each brow lamination treatment.

While this process can take longer due to the slower active ingredients, retaining the health of our client’s eyebrow hairs is our priority. Longer eyebrow lamination processing times ensure the hairs are not over-processed and remain healthy, hydrated and strong during and after the treatment.

Any product with a fast processing time (usually under 8 mins) can potentially fry & damage the eyebrow hair and may only last one week.

The first 24 hours are critical and you will need to ensure the brow hairs remain dry for this period to ensure the treatment works. After that, you may wash your face in an upward direction and restyle the brows as you wish.


To book a brow lamination consultation, contact Montana directly. Montana recommends that clients attend all appointments make-up free as this will provide better chances of long-term styled brows. Make-up and oil-based products can alter results significantly.