Eyebrow tattoo removal

eyebrow tattoo removal sydney

Not happy with your eyebrow tattoo procedure?


Are you rethinking your ink? Montana is an eyebrow tattoo removal specialist and offers fast and affordable tattoo removal with tailored treatment plans available.

Depending on the size, age and colour of the eyebrow tattooing, one treatment will remove the majority of the pigment. We will provide a full consultation on the day to further determine the amount of treatments needed to completely reduce the  existing eyebrow tattoo.

How does eyebrow tattoo removal work?

Using the newest and most advanced Q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser technology by CuRAS, our eyebrow tattoo removal treatments combine high peak energy into dual wavelengths with short intervals for faster and more effective treatments allowing each treatment to target coloured and black & white tattoo in one single CuRAS treatment.

Prior to coming to your appointment, we recommend you abstain from glycolic acid and retinoids 7 days prior. You should also avoid sun as tanned or sunburnt skin is not suitable for CuRAS laser treatment.

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Cost

Whilst each eyebrow tattoo procedure varies, prices start from approximately $100.  Please note that tattoo removal prices listed on this website are just a guide.  Contact Montana directly to discuss your specific requirements.