Laser Skin Treatments


Our skin treatments are bespoke and tailored for each unique individual.  Montana’s extensive knowledge and own personal skin journey has shaped and created specific treatments dedicated to treating a wide variety of skin concerns.

We specialise in non-invasive anti-aging laser rejuvenation, micro-needling and LED skin treatments that will enhance natural collagen production, remove pigmentation, improve skin tone and texture and brighten the skin appearance.

Our newest, Q-Switch laser utilises technology only available on the CuRAS platform which offers synergistic treatment effects for maximum treatment results.

Our treatment programs and plans treat a variety of skin concerns in one session saving our clients time and money by targeting multiple problems at once. Clients can expect a variety of treatments at each appointment.

skin treatments sydney rejuventation


non-ablative resurfacing to restore your skin.

Our combination treatment reduces redness, pigmentation, melasma, active acne, acne scars, fine lines, whilst restoring your natural glow and improving the skins tone and texture.

Skin Rejuvenation

skin treatments sydney laser

ReGenesis Facials

Optimal results for a wide range of skin problems.

Combining unique and specific laser technologies in a single treatment. This customised treatment targets and treats multiple concerns.

Laser ReGENESIS Facial

skin treatments sydney glass skin


effectively TREAT sun spots & Freckles

Designed for individuals who have sun damage, freckles or unwanted pigmentation on areas like the face and chest. Rejuvenate the skin and successfully reduce the signs of aging.


skin treatments sydney carbon laser


MOST ADVANCED carbon laser facial.

Enhances skin radiance, improves texture, reduces uneven tone, reduces pore size, restores natural glow and complexion in one treatment.

Advanced Carbon Laser Facial

skin treatments sydney needling

Skin Needling

Micro-needling | collagen induction therapY

Results driven facial that stimulates the production of natural collagen and elastin by harnessing the body’s ability to repair the skin.

Skin Needling

skin treatments sydney healite

Healite II LED

One of the most advanced skin rejuvenation therapies.

Healite II LED is a low level light therapy that rejuvenates the skin safely and effectively by activating the cellular recovery process. No downtime required.

Healite II LED

skin treatments sydney dermaplaning


Rejuvenate the skin deeply yet gently.

Remove deadskin cells, peach fuzz and restore your natural glow. This treatment is the preparation for any event!


skin treatments sydney eyebrow tattoo removal

Tattoo Removal

Fast and affordable tattoo removal.

Rethinking your ink? We offer fast and affordable tattoo removal. Eyebrow tattoo removal specialists.

Tattoo Removal