What to expect after your lip blush treatment

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What happens to your lips after lip blush tattooing?

Lip blushing (lip tattoo) is a subtle approach to create a fuller lip whilst restoring colour, shape, definition and symmetry. It is an ideal treatment to perfect your pout. Whether you’re looking for a subtle pop of colour or to define and contour your shape, this is your go-to beauty treatment. Sydney lip blush tattoo specialist, Montana Ferris, breaks down what to expect after your first lip blushing treatment.

Using naturally toned pigments to blend and shade within the natural lip and lip line, lip blush tattooing will create the illusion of fuller and more even lips.

Montana will ask you in detail exactly what you wish to achieve from your appointment. Please bring in inspiration photos or your favourite lip liner / lipstick. You will fill out a few consultation forms before the treatment begins.

Our lip blush service is non-invasive and the least painful.

What happens each day after your lip blush treatment

Day 1: After treatment, your lips may present mild swelling and appear bright and bold.

Day 2: Mild swelling (if present) begins to dissipate. Lip colour is still quite bold – the same coverage as a sheer lipstick.

Day 3-5: Lips have almost completed initial healing. Mild flaking and dryness will have finished by now.  Colour may appear uneven or darker / lighter in some areas.

Day 10-50: Lip colour begins to even out. Facing occurs during this stage of healing. Colour MAY seem to fade more than desired or take on a slightly different tone than desired. At the 2 week mark, you’ll notice the true colour start to appear.

Day 35-40: Colour has settled into the desired look.

Day 50+: Your lips are now healed and ready for your touch up. This is when we make slight adjustments, where needed.


To discuss your lip blush requirements or to book a consultation, contact Montana directly.


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