What is cheek blush or cheek tint tattoo?

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Cheek blush or cheek tint tattoo — the new beauty treatment taking Sydney by storm

Cheek tint tattoo, or cheek blush, is a new and unique semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that is designed to replenish the face, restore color, reduce dullness, and add definition and symmetry to the cheekbones. This treatment dusts light shades of pigments into the cheeks to create a soft and subtle blush effect. It aims to avoid overpowering or overly noticeable results, instead offering a soft, flirty, and natural appearance.

This treatment has gained popularity in Europe, America, and Korea because of its soft and effortless aesthetic. It contours the face and cheekbones, and can reshape the face to appear either slimmer and longer or shorter. Consider trying cheek tint tattoo if you are sensitive to makeup or prefer a hassle-free beauty routine.

The benefits of cheek tint or cheek blush tattoo

  • Always look fresh and glowing
  • Restore colour and reduce dullness
  • Correct and contour the face
  • Define cheekbones
  • Eliminate the need for daily make-up
  • Continue to have that ‘Clean Girl’ aesthetic

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The cheek tint treatment process

A cheek tint or cheek blush tattoo treatment typically lasts approximately 1.5 hours and does not require numbing because it’s incredibly gentle. If you feel nervous, we can apply numbing cream.

All our cheek tint appointments include a thorough consultation with the client, where we discuss the desired outcome and address any questions or concerns.

First, we prepare the skin for the cosmetic tattoo. The client and Montana will then decide on the best placement of the pigment to enhance the cheekbones. We recommend bringing your favorite blush to the appointment for color-matching.

We draw thin ovals on the cheeks to guide the placement of the tattoo. It’s important to note that the cheek tint tattoo does not follow a stenciled or oval shape; it has a whimsical and organic appearance.

Initially, the cheeks will appear brighter than usual and will resemble makeup during the healing stage (similar to Lip Blush and Cosmetic Brow Tattoos). Over the next 5-7 days, the color will heal and fade to become very soft and subtle on the cheeks.

We recommend a touch-up as some clients may want a brighter look.

Am I suitable for a cheek tint tattoo?

Cheek blush/cheek tint treatments recommend skin types that are free from acne and do not suffer from skin irritation or rosacea.

How can I prepare for my cheek tint or cheek blush tattoo?

  • Please take a break from Vitamin C serums, Retinoids, and Glycolic treatments, at least 2 weeks prior to your session and 2 weeks after for best-healed results.
  • Do not drink alcohol or take blood thinning medication 24 hours before the appointment.
  • Limit caffeine intake on the day of your tattoo.
  • Skin should be healthy, non-irritated, blemish and sunburn free for best results.
  • Botox should be done 2 weeks prior or 2 weeks after the appointment.
  • Please wait 1 year after using Accutane to tattoo.
  • Laser Treatments must be done 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after the appointment.

cheek blush tattoo sydney

Aftercare for your cheek tint or cheek blush treatment`

Immediately after the tattooing, the color appears bright and slightly saturated. Within 48 hours, the color starts to diminish and darken slightly.

On days 2-3, you may notice dryness in the treated area. Some mild peeling may occur.

By days 4-5, the pigment will further lighten, revealing a softer version of the tattoo beneath the skin.

The healed results will become apparent at the 2-week mark, with the color fully developed. Once the tattoo has completely healed, you can schedule a touch-up if needed.

  • Avoid using any make-up or cosmetics on the cheeks for at least 7-10 days.
  • You may wash your face daily with a mild facial cleanser.
  • When the dry stage begins you can apply a very thin layer of unscented gentle moisturizer.
  • No heavy exercising for 3-5 days after the procedure.
  • Do not pick or exfoliate during healing process.
  • No pools or saunas during the healing process.
  • Please take a break from vitamin c serums, retinoids, and glycolic treatments, at least 2 weeks prior to your session and 2 weeks after for best healed results. Remember when you begin to use these products again that it can break down your tattoo and pre maturely lighten and shorten the lifespan of the tattoo.

Your Sydney cheek tint / blush specialist: Montana Ferris

Montana focuses on enhancing her clients’ features to harness their natural beauty rather than completely changing them. She studied cheek tint tattoo locally in Sydney and recently trained with Savannah (Master Artist of Evenflo Colours) from Manhattan NYC.

Montana continues to study nationally and internationally alongside some of the world’s leading and most renowned artists in PMU.


To discuss your cheek tint / blush requirements or to book a consultation, contact Montana directly.

cheek tint specialist sydney