Laminated brows. The ultimate guide to eyebrow lamination.

laminated brows

Eyebrow lamination elevates the eyebrows to new heights of elegance.

In the pursuit of perfectly sculpted eyebrows, beauty enthusiasts are turning to the transformative power of brow lamination. This revolutionary technique has taken the beauty world by storm, promising to elevate your brows to new heights of elegance.

What is brow lamination?

The process of brow lamination redefines and reshapes your eyebrows. By employing a specialised chemical solution, the treatment relaxes the hair cuticle, resulting in a sleek, well-groomed appearance that endures for several weeks.

Brow lamination is especially advantageous for individuals with unruly or sparse brows, offering a fuller and more defined look.

Notably, the entire procedure is non-invasive and can be conveniently completed within 30 minutes, making it an ideal choice for those leading busy lives.

Brow lamination after care

To ensure your eyebrows remain stunning after your brow lamination procedure, brow lamination specialist, Montana Ferris, recommends the following:

  1. Avoid Moisture: In the initial 24 hours post-brow lamination, it’s imperative to keep your brows dry to ensure the solution sets completely.
  2. Gentle Cleaning: When cleaning your face after the initial 24 hours, exercise caution around the brow area. Use a mild, non-alcoholic cleanser to preserve the lamination.
  3. Condition Regularly: Sustain the health of your brows by regularly applying a nourishing brow conditioner to keep them hydrated and looking their best. Parlour Dala offers a hydration crème, available for purchase.

Is brow lamination right for me?

While brow lamination boasts numerous benefits, it’s crucial to contemplate your individual preferences and lifestyle.

If you seek a low-maintenance solution for exquisitely defined and elegant brows, brow lamination might be the perfect match.

We strongly advise consulting with Montana to ensure the procedure aligns with your unique beauty goals.

Brow lamination has emerged as a revolutionary force in the beauty realm, catering to those in pursuit of flawlessly shaped and elegantly defined brows. Whether you’re dealing with sparse brows in need of volume or unruly hairs requiring taming, brow lamination stands as a versatile and enduring solution.

laminated brows

Montana Ferris
Brow Lamination Specialist Sydney

Montana Ferris, owner and eyebrow specialist at Parlour Dala, was among the first Sydney brow artists in Sydney to introduce eyebrow lamination to the city in 2019. With her innate talent and meticulous attention to detail, brow lamination swiftly became her most sought-after treatment.

Our brow bar is located at 876A Military Road, Mosman (Lower North Shore). There is two hours of free parking in the Raglan Street East carpark adjacent to the salon.

Questions about brow lamination and whether it’s right for you? Contact Montana for advice.