Facial Mosman – Where self care and pampering extend beyond the surface.

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Treat yourself or a loved one to a rejuvenating facial.

Here at Parlour Dala Mosman, we believe in self-care and pampering. At our boutique salon on the leafy Lower North Shore, you can relax with a rejuvenating facial that extends far beyond the surface.

Facials are not just a luxury; they’re an essential part of any skincare routine. Whether you’re treating yourself to a much-needed moment of indulgence or gifting a facial to someone special, we know you’ll leave feeling revitalised, relaxed and looking fresh.

Facial specialist, Montana Ferris, uses non-invasive anti-aging laser rejuvenation, micro-needling and LED skin facial treatments to enhance natural collagen production, remove pigmentation, improve skin tone and texture, and brighten skin appearance.

Montana can create a tailored skin care programs designed to treat a variety of skin concerns in one session. This saves our clients time and money by targeting multiple problems at once and they can expect a variety of treatments at each appointment.

Our boutique beauty salon and skin clinic is located at 876A Military Road, Mosman (Lower North Shore).

QUESTIONS? Ask Montana

Got a question about our facial treatments? Contact Montana directly on 0422 616 809 or send an SMS.

Laser Facial Treatments

Regenesis Facial

A rejuvenating facial treatment that treats multiple skin concerns.

Our laser regenesis facial delivers optimal results for a wide range of skin problems. Combining unique and specific laser technologies in a single treatment. This customised treatment targets and treats multiple concerns.

Laser ReGENESIS skin treatments provides fast and visible results with minimal downtime, restoring natural glow, reducing dullness, sun damage, post acne pigmentation and redness, uneven texture and boosting collagen production, whilst addressing and effectively treating further skin concerns.

Using the most advanced Q-Switch laser technology, we’re able to achieve optimal performance to treat a wide variety of skin concerns.  Our state-of-the-art, hybrid CuRAS Q-Switch Laser has the unique advantage of being able to target and treat a combination of skin problems during each session.

With each treatment tailored to your unique requirements, Montana’s extensive knowledge will help you achieve dewy, smooth, glowing skin year round.

Carbon Laser Facial (China Doll Facial)

This is one of the most advanced facial treatments.

Our carbon laser facial will enhance skin radiance, improve texture, reduce uneven tone, reduce pore size, restore natural glow and complexion in one treatment.

Advanced carbon laser facials, also commonly called China doll rejuvenation, is a non-invasive, gentle treatment that uses the newest and most advanced laser rejuvenation technology.

Carbon facials are designed to enhance the skins radiance, improve texture and enhance your natural glow and complexion within one treatment. It will reduce imperfections, inflammation and decrease enlarged pores and acne.

We offer Advanced carbon laser facials, which not only includes the carbon laser facial, but also Laser Toning which will further rejuvenate the skin. This synergistic treatment offers maximum results.

Carbon laser facials are suitable for all skin types and provide fast and visible results with no downtime.

To further promote collagen production, a laser genesis treatment and Healite LED light therapy treatment is included with each carbon laser facial (value $100).